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...his art skills during the 1970ís in Paris, France where he had his first studio in 1973, as his passion for the arts overtook his life.

As he grew up, Beau always spent time in art classes and studying every art book he could get his hands on.

In 1978, Beau left France for a year, and moved to the United States.This experience had a profound impact on Beauís work and some of his pieces were exhibited in the capital and given awards.

When he returned, the following year in 1979, after graduation, Beau started an Art major Baccalaureate. He then enrolled in the French Navy as to see the world. Consequently his work has been influenced by Spain, Italy, Crete, Lebanon and Egypt.

In 1984, he held his first one-man show in Isle de Batz.

Shortly after, Beau moved back to Paris in his studio, and started studying engineering, until 1987.

However, Beau always wanted to come back to the United States, and in 1987, he got an opportunity to go to California, where he established a studio, in Santa Monica. Then in 1990, Beau felt that he had to go to New York City where he stayed 7 years.

In 1991, he got an award for an illustration.

In 1997, he moved back to Southern California, first in Carlsbad, until 1999, then in Murrieta, where he currently runs his studio.


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